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One goal of the Canadian youth delegate program is to effectively and compassionately represent Canadian youth and the issues in global health that matter most to them. Thus, it is with this vision, that we ask you to please engage in the various opportunities listed here –– it is through these avenues that we hope to gain your guidance and assistance in establishing the priorities and recommendations that will be shared with the Office of International Affairs for the Health Portfolio in advance of the WHA and the PAHO DC. Please note that the discussion forum and consultation form close on May 5th, 2021. Roundtable discussions are available on an ongoing basis until May 3rd, 2021. 

Discussion Forums

A space for youth to have discussions with one another on topics relevant to the 74th WHA and the 59th PAHO DC. 

Roundtable Discussions

An opportunity for Canadian youth to participate in virtual roundtables with youth from across Canada. (Limited spots).

Consultation Form

A form through which youth can share their insight on topics that will be discussed at the 74th WHA and the 59th PAHO DC.

“The underlying principle to youth participation in the work of the United Nations is that it leads to better policy and programmatic responses to the problems facing young people today. Not only do youth delegates enrich the debate and policy dialogue, they strengthen existing channels of communication and cooperation between Governments and young people.” - Pearl S Buck

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