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Canadian Youth Committee for the WHA/PAHO-DC

About the Canadian Youth Committee

Each year, the Canadian Delegation (CANDEL) to the World Health Assembly (WHA) and Pan American Health Organization Directing Council (PAHO-DC) is joined by a Youth Delegate to ensure the vision and voices of Canadian youth are reflected in Canada’s positions and priorities at these international meetings and events. As a part of this position, the Canadian Youth Delegate (CYD) relies on consultations with youth (aged 18-30) from across the country on important global health topics and agenda items. Youth perspectives on global health policy and programming are a necessity; thus, a new initiative in 2023 will be the implementation of a Canadian Youth Committee, managed and led by the 2023 Canadian Youth Delegate.

The goal of this Committee will be to increase youth engagement in Canada prior to the 76th WHA and 60th Pan American Health Organization Directing Council (PAHO-DC). Members will be invited to join virtual roundtable consultations, submit feedback on specific agenda items to the CYD, and provide their unique perspectives on topics of interest*, all while gaining knowledge on global health governance, policy, programming, and discourse. Participants in these discussions will be acknowledged as contributors on recommendation documents that are prepared and shared with Canada Public Health.


If you are interested in becoming a member of this year's Canadian Youth Committee for the WHA and PAHO-DC, please submit your information here and you will receive notifications regarding upcoming roundtable sessions. As an option, participants are also welcome to register for specific sessions that align with their interest here.


Kind Regards,

Toby Le, 2023 Canadian Youth Delegate

*all views are our own

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